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If you’re already a trucker, or you want to be one, you know that your semi-truck is your number one asset, and you need the best option for you and your business. When financing a semi, you also need to get the best deal for your time and money. If you have a 560+ credit score (or maybe even lower), and you want to invest in a used class 8 semi-truck, GoRoadWorthy is your best option for owner-operator financing.

We Can Help

A poor credit score can leave you believing that you can’t start your own business or find the semi-truck that works for you. Many traditional financing institutions won’t even look at subprime semi-truck loan customers. This leaves you out of a job because you can’t become an owner-operator or a driver for a carrier. 

Even with good credit, just starting a business for the first time can put you in the “No” pile with a traditional lender. You can’t start a business because you don’t have the experience, but without experience, a mainstream lender can’t give you a loan. 

If you don’t have good credit, or you don’t have a credit history at all, a subprime finance company may be your only chance to get a semi-truck. If you need a semi to work, GoRoadWorthy can provide loans to borrowers with bad credit scores and can help you start and keep your future career.

Private Lending

Being a private lender, GoRoadWorthy has the flexibility that other truck finance companies don’t. We use several methods when evaluating an applicant’s creditworthiness. Credit scores and general credit history are necessary. However, we also take pride in using a practical approach that will consider collateral and the overall structure of a deal. We will also consider future haul source with conditions, if applicable. Our approval process is quick and pain-free, all to get your truck quickly and get you on the road hauling.

We Put the Driver First

GoRoadWorthy allows you to build your business with a partner that provides you benefits that only drivers for large carriers have:

Managed Maintenance Protection Plan

Line of Credit up to $2,500

Call Center/24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Vehicle Diagnostics

Warranty Finance

Downtime Pay During Repairs

Fuel and Tire Savings

Help with Bookkeeping/Taxes

We might even be able to find you work if you can take on additional routes!

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GoRoadWorthy is a trusted partner who will be by your side throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. We value relationships and will always act with integrity, focusing on what makes this industry tick – you, the driver!

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